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“Thank you for the awesome program. It helped me realise other mums have the same challenges, helped me lift the constraints I have been placing on myself & gave me tools to make it happen such as using positive language when negotiating flexibility, getting mentors, taking action and networking. Thanks for the kick start.”

Kristie Holmes | Human Resources Manager | Westpac Group


Career After Kids

The Career After Kids forums are intimate, group-based forums facilitated by leading professional career coaches who also happen to be working parents.

The 2015 ‘Career After Kids’ series is designed to provide a vital network of support and information to assist working parents to manage work, family and caring needs through their life stages and career transition points.


Did you know?


"Employees with good work-life balance work 21% harder than those who don't, according to a report by the Corporate Executive Board - which represents 80% of the Fortune 500 companies"
Source: Work to Live webs.



Our aim is to ensure every working parent in Australia has the tools and support to be able to create their ideal work/life balance.

Supports Working Parents to:

  • Prepare for parental leave
  • Return to work and negotiate flexible work
  • Review career and wellbeing options
  • Balance work and family challenges
  • Maintain and develop a career while being a carer
  • Network with others who are at a similar stage in their career and parenting journey

Benefits for Employers:

  • Improved access to caring support for all employees
  • Meet WGEA commitments and decrease potential pregnancy and caring discrimination issues
  • Build a broader, diverse talent pool of leaders that have the support they need to advance their career as they balance caring needs
  • Diverse range of topics to specifically address working parents and carers
  • Online access to forums for every employee


2015 Courses

For 2015 we have expanded the Career After Kids forum series to include 4 specific courses for working parents that supportthem at each stage of their working parent journey. These are:

1. Preparing for parental leave and staying in touch Course
Making the transition to leave easier
This course will benefit parents preparing for leave to ensure they have considered their transition plan as they go on leave; how they can stay in touch whilst on leave and obtain important tips & checklists on preparing, their entitlements and working while pregnant.

2. Returning to work and reconnecting Course
Planning and preparing work and family for your return & reconnecting once back
This course will benefit parents and carers who are currently on leave or have recently returned to work and who are looking to reconnect back to work, review their role, reintegrate with their team, negotiate more flexibility or are managing the transition from full time to part time.

3. Managing your career Course
Working flexibly and balancing work & life
Reviewing your career and life plans and making them work for you
This course will benefit parents and carers who want to review and discuss career plans, life goals or improve family balance or are experiencing changes in the workplace or at home they need assistance with.

4. Care for kids, yourself and others Course
A guide to choosing the right care support needs for you and your family 
This course will benefit parents and carers who are looking to review their care needs and how to access support as required. This may include help to review child care needs or others’ care needs in the family - where to get ‘at-home’ support and more.  With a focus on helping balance carer needs and improving wellbeing whilst juggling work and family life.




How It Works

Parents can enroll anytime. Here’s what they get straight away:

  • An invitation to start any of the courses immediately
  • Resources and an activity workbook (or the course guides)
  • Instructions on how to be involved in the teleconference and/or face-to-face forum
  • Access to a career coach
  • An explainer video

Parents can participate in any of the online forums. Theseare facilitated via teleconference and are where theircareer coach is available to answer any questions or provide further assistance.The career coach will provide them with professional guidance on managing their career as a working parent and provide support in developing resilience, confidence, perspective and balance.

Employees might like to enrol in more than 1 course as they work their way through their working parent journey. The participants are able to self-manage and can select their own course appropriate to their needs. For example, they may wish to complete both the ‘preparing for parental leave’ and ‘return to work’ courses.

ACareer After Kids membership entitles your employees to enrol in any or all of the courses they wish in a 12 month period.


Career After Kids Membership

A Career After Kids membership gives parents unlimited access to all four (4) courses for 12 months.

The membership package includes all of the 2015 'Career After Kids' courses and forums, 'Career After Kids' toolkit, access to a dedicated career coach, plus access to the tools and resources available on the parents@work Portal™. Working parents can self pace and take part in any of the courses at exactly the time they need it most.


Career After Kids Career Coaches  

Emma Walsh, Managing Director, Parents@Work
Renowned as one of Australia’s leading experts, Emma is a Career Coach and HR practitioner focused on the needs of working parents and creating family-friendly workplaces.  

Jennifer Beard, Principal, Polaris Coaching
Jennifer is an Executive Coach specialising in leadership development and career transition; committed to assisting individuals realise their potential.

Lisa Davison, Executive Coach, Parents@Work
An experienced coach and organisational consultant, with a focus on teams, people management and organisational capability development. Lisa has a passion for supporting working parents.

Catherine Knox, CEO, Gidget Foundation
A regular speaker and writer to corporate, health professional and community audiences. She shares expert knowledge and practical tips promoting the importance of strong emotional health for parents in the workplace. 



“Just wanted to share my feedback following the seminar yesterday. Even though I have been on maternity leave once before, I found it very helpful. The facilitators were great – they both speak from experience (personally andprofessionally) and it was helpful to be able to have a mini coaching group session with one of them at the end of themorning. It was also great to be able to walk away with a toolkit booklet.”
Astrid Dare | Group Brand Manager - Family Marketing | McDonald’s Australia Limited

“Thank you for the awesome program. It helped me realise other mums have the same challenges, helped me lift the constraints I have been placing on myself & gave me tools to make it happen such as using positive language whennegotiating flexibility, getting mentors, taking action and networking. Thanks for the kick start.”
Kristie Holmes | Human Resources Manager | Westpac Group

“I wanted to express how much I appreciated the workshop this morning. There were so many insightful, relevant and practical suggestions. It felt like a very supportive environment and I think it really connected with what a lot of womenare experiencing and feeling today around re-entering the work place. I’ve already highly recommended you to my mothers group and am super keen to get started on implementing some of the strategies we talked about.”
Nicki | Return to Work parent



To contact the team for further information or to sign up to a Career After Kids Membership visit either:

Emma Walsh at Parents@Work or Jennifer Beard at Polaris Coaching


About Career After Kids

Career After Kids is a collaboration between Parents@Work and Polaris Coaching.

Parents@Work provide working parents – and their managers – with access to the best parental leave and return to work guidance, experts and resources available. They work with organisations to help do this by providing an interactive online Parents@Work portal™ as well as coaching, training and recruitment tools that support their employees to manage their career and achieve the right work-life balance.

Polaris Coaching work across private and public sectors to empower senior executives and teams to reach their full potential. In addition to the Career After Kids forums Polaris Coaching provide a number of services including: Implementing leadership development programs, leadership strategy sessions and the Career Game (a hands on intensive group career development workshop and coaching program for graduates). Contact Polaris for more information on their other services.




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